About us

Acting on a sense of wonder


We always welcome a challenge.
We don't believe in staying the way we are.
We were born in order to change.

Yamazaki brings thought and creativity to everyday items through design inspired by life in Japan.
Life in Japan, and any city, leaves residents short on space.
Yamazaki products are not only decorative, but functional. Organization,
storage, and saving space are the points we focus on in design.
We are always coming up with new products to improve the quality of your life.

We believe in acting on the sense of wonder that new and clever ideas bring to each customer.

This is our mission.

Our Story

Yamazaki started as a family business, born in Japan over 100 years ago.
Originally we were a company that manufactured only ironing boards.
However, as the needs of our customers evolved, so did we. Nowadays, our products range across various kinds of houseware designed with special attention to simplicity, practicality, quality and saving space.
Yamazaki is recognized throughout Japan for bringing intelligent design and deep thought to everyday items.
An in-house team that embodies Yamazaki's passion have been designing over a hundred
products per year based in Japan.
Our journey to become a global brand starts here in the USA, and continues.
Look out for us—our designs will be found all over the world in the near future.